Projects and Initiatives

Pervasive Campus Wi-Fi Initiative Project

Following on the heels of the recently-completed ResNet Wi-Fi Upgrade, ITS Communication Technologies is now beginning a 42-month project to provide pervasive Wi-Fi coverage within all remaining campus buildings. Inasmuch as less than 35% of campus within-building space presently has … Continued

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)

ITS reached a milestone with the deployment of Verizon’s Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) across more than half of the campus. ITS converted half of the University’s 20,000 active campus phone lines to VoIP, and Carolina will replace the old Centrex telephone … Continued

Enhancing Campus Wi-Fi Security

The University has been working on two initiatives to improve the security for campus Wi-Fi/wireless connections – one dealing with encryption, the other with authentication. From an encryption perspective, most of the campus had been using an old legacy wireless … Continued