ITS leads UNC-Chapel Hill in planning, implementing and maintaining the University’s technology services.

The ITS staff is dedicated to delivering reliable, secure and satisfying information technology capabilities and experiences to our University community.

We collaborate with a broad spectrum of faculty, student and staff stakeholders to ensure effective, efficient and timely services that meet their needs.



Information Technology Services’ mission is to accelerate the University’s academic and research pursuits by providing accessible, reliable, efficient, scalable and innovative technologies that enable faculty, students and staff to realize their goals of leading breakthrough change to improve society and help solve the greatest problems for our state, our nation and our global community.


Position ITS as a valued and trusted University partner that delivers reliable, efficient and creative institutional technology strategy and solutions in partnership with the greater Carolina academic, research and administrative community.

ITS Leadership

Chris Kielt

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Chief Information Officer

Phone: 919-962-3444

Chris brings more than 25 years of experience in higher education, including more than two decades at Yale University, where he worked in a variety of academic, information technology and business roles that spanned health care services, administrative applications, student systems, finance and facilities operations.

Chris served as Yale’s Deputy Chief Information Officer before heading to Stony Brook University to become its Chief Information Officer. He joined UNC-Chapel Hill in September 2012 as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Systems and Business Transformation. He assumed the role of Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer on February 11, 2013.

Susan Kellogg

Associate Vice Chancellor & Deputy Chief Information Officer

Phone: 919-962-1626

Susan is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for ITS. Susan joined ITS in May 2014 after 11 years with UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. She is a technology strategist with more than 20 years of experience across all areas of technology.

Prior to joining the business school in 2003, she worked for Progress Energy as a manager and technology architect creating the corporate technology strategy with the company’s chief technologist and managing many major infrastructure components of this Fortune 500 company.

Susan’s previous experience included several roles of increasing responsibility with GlaxoSmithKline, where she also co-chaired an international committee on corporate internet standards. Early in her career, she worked in military technology, gaining broad experience in technology standards and security. Kellogg earned a BS in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

Mike Barker headshotJ. Michael Barker, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 919-962-4314

Michael oversees ITS Research Computing and Teaching & Learning resources and staff. Michael has broad experience in IT infrastructure,server/storage hosting, database design and performance, messaging strategies, LMS support, portal/web support and high-performance, high-throughput, and data-intensive, scientific computing.

As Chief Technology Officer, Michael is charged to ensure Carolina implements common technology frameworks that share coherent adoption criteria. The University’s technology profile continues to expand: whether cloud adoption, cybersecurity, identity management, storage, virtualization, disaster recovery planning, etc., the scope of the University’s needs and our services expands every day. As CTO, Michael is responsible for supporting, examining, and refining our technology plans.

He previously served as Director of University Computing Services and Director of User Services within the Office of Technology Integration at Florida State University.


Frances Dykstra

Enterprise Applications
Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: 919-962-5065

Frances is responsible for ITS management of the University’s administrative systems: the ConnectCarolina Student Administration; Finance, Human Resources and Payroll system and related applications such as Image Now and Web Travel; and a portfolio of University Services applications, including those serving Finance and Administration; Facilities and Energy Services; Environment, Health and Safety; The Friday Center for Continuing Education, Public Television; and TouchNet (electronic payments). She is also responsible for Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems, including data warehouses of ConnectCarolina and legacy data, InfoPorte, SAS Reports and other applications including support for Core Labs and departmental routing.

Frances has extensive experience with and oversight of university PeopleSoft and other administrative systems.

Prior to joining the ITS team, she was Assistant Chief Information Officer at Stony Brook University and held various administrative leadership roles at Yale University.

Sandra Germenis

User Support & Engagement
Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: 919-843-2103

Sandra oversees the Computer Repair Center, ITS Response Center/Service Desk, Remedy Services and Development, the University Operators, Software Acquisition, ResNET and the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI). Before coming to UNC-Chapel Hill in September 2015, Sandra served as Director of IT Customer Support Services at the University of Texas at Austin. She was responsible for overall operations of the college’s central IT Help Desk.

Earlier at Austin, she served as the Associate Director for Networking and Telecommunications, where she was responsible for five functional units of ITS Networking and Telecommunications — Telecom Services, DAS, Assignment Office, Multimedia, Building Security Operations and the ITS Warehouse.

Jim Gogan

Communication Technologies
Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: 919-445-0123

Jim oversees networking as well as operations and engineering. He is responsible for all of the communication technologies infrastructure and services for the campus, including phone services, cable TV service, the fiber between buildings and wiring within buildings, the data network and network-based services such as DNS and DHCP and network time protocol–the things that everything else needs to be able to work on the network.

Jim’s distinguished career at UNC-Chapel Hill spans 39 years, and includes leading the central networking organization since its inception in 1989. He and the first people in his group essentially built the network.

Steve Haring

Finance & Administration
Executive Director

Phone: 919-962-0999

Steve is responsible for all ITS’ financial, human resource management and other administrative activities. He has extensive experience in operating and capital budget preparation, financial reporting, automated financial systems and business software, accounting policies and procedures, human resource management and staff training and development.

Steve previously served as Director of Budget Control for information technology at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla., Operations Budget Director for the Pan Am International Flight Academy and Director of Finance and Administration for the Airbus Service Company and Training Center in Miami, Fla. and Chief Financial Officer for Florida LambdaRail Inc. Steve holds license as a Certified Public Accountant.

Kevin Lanning

Chief Information Security Officer

Phone: 919-445-9391

Kevin serves as Executive Director and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Kevin began his IT career in 1992 while in the U.S. Peace Corps when donated computers were delivered to Kevin’s Spanish speaking site with English language manuals. He has been employed in various IT roles at UNC-Chapel Hill since 1999.

Kevin obtained the Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) degree from Carolina in 2007, became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) in 2008, and obtained a Certified CISO (C|CISO) credential in 2013. His favorite hobby is beekeeping, for which no information security challenges exist whatsoever.

Dennis Schmidt

Infrastructure & Operations
Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: 919-843-7611

Dennis oversees IT enterprise infrastructure and operations. He leads the following areas: Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Storage, Open Systems, Campus IT Infrastructure Services including directory and messaging services and Applications Infrastructure, including Identity Management and Middleware Services.

Before coming to ITS in September 2015, Dennis served as Assistant Dean for Information Technology and as Director of the Office Information Systems for the School of Medicine, where he was directly responsible for customer support, system administration, network support, classroom services, applications development, web development and information security.

Before his nearly two decades at Carolina, Schmidt served as a pilot and department head in the U.S. Navy and headed a Navy information systems division as part of the Joint Special Operations Command. He also worked as a test engineer for Motorola Inc. and as technical director at Science Applications International Corp.

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