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  • 5G and Wireless Service

    Replace the existing campus wireless services contracts (Neutral Hosting) with a new set of wireless provider (Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T) service contracts and implement new campus 5G services. We expect to support a seamless transition away from the current service contract after we establish the contracts and new funding model. The project includes new 5G services and new positions (people and roles) to manage the services on campus. The end result is providing reliable outdoor… Read More about 5G and Wireless Service.

  • Access Request Re-Engineering

    What is it? ITS is looking into holistic solutions to replace and modernize the existing access request process and system by creating a completely paperless solution that simplifies the access request process. Solutions include automation of access based on job positions and HR Onboarding/Offboarding processes. We are also making improvements to the existing access request system for better usability and in preparation for the long-term solution. Why are we doing it? The current access request… Read More about Access Request Re-Engineering.

  • Accountable Plan

    What are we going to do? Updating ConnectCarolina to enforce compliance with the IRS Accountable Plan effective January 1, 2024. This change will enforce the IRS requirements that submission of reimbursements older than 60 days are taxable.  No reimbursements will be issued if the submission is more than 180 days after the expense is incurred. Why are we doing it? The project is being implemented to ensure compliance with tax statutes relating to reimbursements. Non-compliance… Read More about Accountable Plan.

  • AltaVault Replacement (NetApp CBS)

    The NetApp AltaVault is reaching the end of its life cycle in December 2023. We need a replacement solution to move identified data off-premise for specified time periods. The replacement solution will be an automated tool that: moves data from on-premise to off-premise, logs the process and expires the data at the appropriate time, allows us to retrieve the data and restore it on-premise when required, and have a cost model that fits the ITS… Read More about AltaVault Replacement (NetApp CBS).

  • Canvas

    What is it? UNC is transitioning from Sakai to Canvas, a web-based learning management system. Institutions of higher education, including some other UNC System schools, use Canvas by Instructure more than any other learning management system. Sakai will be available for teaching courses until the end of Spring 2024. Why are we doing it? While Sakai has worked well for the University, the number of educational institutions that make up the Sakai community has significantly… Read More about Canvas.

    Active, Key Project
  • Credit Bearing Certificates

    What is it? The University is looking to expand and centrally manage certificate programs within the Graduate School by updating ConnectCarolina and creating a central administration model for graduate credit-bearing certificate programs. Why are we doing it? Credit-bearing certificate programs are currently managed in multiple units. This project aims to develop a common administration platform so the Graduate School can manage programs in one space. Ultimately, centralizing programs is critical to support the University’s goal… Read More about Credit Bearing Certificates.

  • Data Mart Optimization

    What is it? The purpose of the data mart optimization project is to streamline processes and provide a way for end users to maintain the mapped values between UNC Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) and the UNC System Office data marts. Why are we doing it? Currently, the data mapping between UNC-CH and the UNC System Office is maintained by developers, and requests for changes are dependent on the developers’ availability. This project will create an interface… Read More about Data Mart Optimization.

  • Employee Funding Enhancement Project

    What is it? This project will redesign the existing Employee Funding form, increasing the ease of use and capability for UNC users. The redesign will also move the form to an updated version of the application software used for eForms from Gideon Taylor “GT” and allow UNC to deliver additional features more easily.    Why are we doing it? The new form allows users to see all an employee’s funding sources in one distinct place,… Read More about Employee Funding Enhancement Project.

  • Enterprise Firewall Migration

    This project will migrate approximately 250 unprotected VLANs (“virtual local area networks”) to campus enterprise firewalls. Migrating these VLANs will prevent attacks and also limit the scope of attacks across the University. Onboarding the rest of campus will significantly expand the range and depth of the University’s defenses. It will also give ITS unprecedented awareness of which mission-critical systems we need to protect.

  • Fiber Projects

    ITS continues to install high-speed fiber connections throughout campus, making our networks faster and more reliable. Projects underway include: Curtis Media Center: This new run of fiber will connect the Curtis Media Center with Carmichael Arena and Memorial Hall. School of Medicine: This project added a new fiber backbone from ITS Manning to MacNider Hall. It will also move the tier one location from Isaac M. Taylor Hall to Marsico Lung Institute. Completion date: Fall… Read More about Fiber Projects.

  • Kerberos to Active Directory

    What is it? The project is a transition from Kerberos to Active Directory (AD). Kerberos and AD are both systems that manage user credentials at UNC. Why are we doing it? The move is necessary because support for the Kerberos system is fading, and it’s becoming difficult to maintain. By switching to AD, we can ensure a more sustainable and efficient management of user credentials. How does this impact our UNC community? This change should… Read More about Kerberos to Active Directory.

  • Leave Tracking Solution

    What is it? The process for submitting leave requests is changing from manually tracked paper forms to an online submission format in ConnectCarolina – Employee Self-Service. Why are we doing it? The paper leave submission format can be confusing to employees and poses a significant burden on HR/Leave Administration personnel. The purpose of this project is to make leave submissions simpler and more consistent. After this project: Employees will have greater visibility into the approval… Read More about Leave Tracking Solution.