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Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI)

The Carolina Computing Initiative is a nationally-recognized laptop program for UNC-Chapel Hill students. Received your laptop? Get started with configuration by choosing the right option below.

Deciding whether to buy? It’s never too late to get the CCI benefits: onsite authorized repair, deep discounts, access to loaner machines and more. Visit CCI for details.

Register 2-Step Verification

Activating 2-Step Verification boosts protection of your account from hackers. We are all used to having one layer of security — our password — to protect our accounts. With 2-Step, if bad guys get through the password layer, they will still need your phone or other second verification method to get into your account.

Forgot your password? Duo authentication enables 24/7 self-service reset without calling the Service Desk.


Heelmail requires 2-Step for access. For instructions and help configuring, visit 2-Step at UNC.


For everything that’s not Heelmail and requires 2-Step, the University uses Duo security. Most importantly for students, 2-Step is required to pay bills. To register, visit Onyen services and click on “2-Step for Duo.”

 Get connected!


We know, Wi-Fi is everything. Connecting to eduroam is a breeze and it makes getting Wi-Fi at more than 500 other campuses worldwide a cinch. Bonus: set your phone up for eduroam and save on data charges!

CarolinaGO mobile app

Download the University’s mobile app. Designed for students, by students, the app is a must-have for dining hours, transit schedules and more. Search “CarolinaGO” in the App Store or Google Play.

Sakai and Canvas

Sakai. Need we say more? It’s your online course-management system and you’ll use it many, many times throughout your UNC student career. Fun fact: the Sakai mascot is hidden in each photo on the login screen. Some instructors have started transitioning to Canvas, so you may find some of your courses there.


Meeting online for class? Sign into your UNC Zoom account before joining your Zoom meetings! See tips for attending class in Zoom.


You may need to watch videos for class through UNC Panopto. Sign into UNC Panopto to create your account! You must also click on the Panopto tool in your Sakai course to get access to course videos.

Productivity Apps


Get to know Heelmail. It’s your go-to spot for checking your email and calendar throughout the semester. Most official University services will default to your UNC email, so check it often!


OneDrive is available to all students. It’s a great spot to store and share your files. Visit OneDrive to access.

CCI printing

Wondering which printers are up and running? Need to find the closest printer in a hurry? The CCI Printing Map is available online. Also, mobile printing with CCI is available.

WordPress websites

Create a website in under a minute. Need a website for class, a student org or just for fun? makes it easy to create a WordPress website.

Be creative and keep learning!

FREE Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is available to ALL students for no additional cost. Visit the UNC Adobe page to get your account set up. From Photoshop to Illustrator to Lightroom, Adobe CC has a creativity app for every taste.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is also available to all students. Need to learn Excel for class? Maybe how to edit a video? Or, just some tips for public speaking? LinkedIn Learning has online classes for any skill you need to pick up or refine.


From registering for classes to checking grades to taking care of financial aid, ConnectCarolina is the hub for your most essential to-dos as an enrolled student. When off campus, the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to access certain portions of ConnectCarolina.

Bonus: a simplified mobile version is available in the CarolinaGO app.

Stay safe and secure

Policies to read

Take a few minutes to read all of our IT policies, with Acceptable Use and Copyright Information at the top of your must-read list.

Emergency alerts

Alert Carolina is our emergency alert system – from timely and weather warnings to serious campus situations. Visit ConnectCarolina to make sure your info is up-to-date!


Making long and strong passwords, or better yet, passphrases, is a key part of keeping your accounts safe. To help you generate and store passwords securely, ITS provides free access to LastPass Premium. Read more about LastPass at UNC or sign up for a new account.

Phishing and email security

Don’t get snagged by a phishing email! Phishers target the University daily, trying to lure you into sharing passwords. When in doubt, use live chat at or call 919-962-HELP (4357) or for assistance. If you think it’s phishing, use the “report phishing” button in your email; this alerts Microsoft to review and potentially remove the message from other inboxes.


Need help?

We offer four great ways to get help with any and all of your tech issues: