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  • SPONSOR(S):  Walter Miller
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Enterprise Applications
  • STATUS: In progress
  • Project Theme: Improving Process and Operations

All employees at the University use TIM (Time Information Management), the University’s time reporting and accruals system, making it the most widely used administrative system at the University. TIM is the University’s branding for a product called “Workforce Central,” which is made by the company UKG. Workforce Central is approaching end-of-life and needs to be replaced. The TIM System Update project will replace Workforce Central with another product by UKG called “Data Dimensions,” which has similar or better features. 

The project will be a partnership between ITS, the Finance Division and TIM Administrators in the schools and divisions. The project will also require testing support from the Office of Human Resources and the Payroll Team. Once the replacement is completed, the University will have a supportable and affordable option for managing employee time and accruals for many years to come. We expect to go-live in June 2023.