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Research Computing collaborates with Department of Chemistry

ITS Research Computing collaborates with Chemistry professor and graduate students

Customer case study  Earlier this year, a collaboration between three members of the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Chemistry and ITS Research Computing yielded interesting publishable findings. Pedro de Jesús Cruz, now Senior Research Scientist at Merck, was a Ph.D. candidate, Research Assistant and NIH F32 Graduate Fellow in the UNC … Continued

man looking at Outlook Calendar displayed on laptop while taking notes

Three Outlook Calendar tools to supercharge your scheduling

Imagine your life without a digital calendar … no reminders popping up on your phone, wearing an eraser down to a nub when an appointment is rescheduled, sign-up sheets for appointment slots, emailing back and forth to find a time to meet, manually copying meeting details from an email to … Continued

Lila Davidson

A student’s perspective on digital accessibility training

Lila Davidson has been a student worker for ITS Communications since March 2022. In this first-person piece, she discusses experiencing her first digital accessibility training with the Digital Accessibility Office, a unit housed within ITS. But first, a little more about Davidson. What she likes best about her job is … Continued

Data @ Rest podcast

Information Security Office releases podcast’s fifth season

Cybersecurity podcast Data@Rest released its fifth season on May 13. It is available on podcast apps such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as the web.  The Information Security Office launched Data@Rest in 2019 as a collaboration between Michael Williams, Network Team Lead, and Charlie Mewshaw, who is now … Continued

Bubble sheet exam being filled out by hand

Retiring Digital Desk and the end of an era for exam scanning

On August 1, ITS will retire its exam scanning service, Digital Desk, marking the end of an era for centralized bubble sheet scanning.   The history of exam scanning at UNC-Chapel Hill has murky origins, but since at least the 1930s, instructors have brought bubble sheets to a central unit for … Continued

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