Students share ideas on whiteboard with ITS Teaching & Learning staff members

Students help ITS improve CCI Printing

When students encounter a simpler, more streamlined way of printing upon returning for the Fall 2019 semester, School of Information and Library Science classmates can take pride in knowing they helped make it happen. Lukasz Mazur’s INLS 582 Systems Analysis class worked with ITS Teaching & Learning this past semester … Continued

1-year Onyen passwords: More convenient and secure

ITS to launch 1-year Onyen passwords

UNC-Chapel Hill is switching to a system of changing Onyen passwords to once a year rather than every 91 days. For the convenience of changing their password just one time per year, campus community members will need to create passwords that are harder for criminals to crack. In a guest … Continued

Asset management service launches

ITS Managed Desktop Services launches asset management

ITS Managed Desktop Services (MDS) has expanded its service offerings to include formalized asset management. This encompasses the full lifecycle of endpoint devices and the transitions in between. In the early summer of 2018, organizational changes in User Support & Engagement prompted the addition of formalized asset management as part … Continued

ITS Printing: Management to change

ITS tags Print Stop to manage printing

In an agreement effective April 1, the UNC Print Stop will assume management oversight of the ITS printing operation, which includes check printing, 1099s, W-2s and basic printing services. The ITS printing is a legacy service that ITS (or its predecessor entities) has provided for more than half a century. … Continued

Glynis Cowell, Teaching Professor in Romance Studies, works with students using whiteboard walls in flexible classroom Dey 205. Photo: Lars Sahl

ITS Teaching & Learning aids classrooms modernization

ITS Teaching & Learning will play a key role in the multi-year classrooms modernization plan that the University recently announced. The Flexible Learning Spaces Initiative will modernize as many as 50 general-purpose classrooms, including several lecture halls, over the next five years. The majority of the changes to small and … Continued

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