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ITS releases a quarterly review that covers our technology upgrades and achievements and notable stats. Prior to shifting to quarterly reviews in 2020, ITS published annual reports for six consecutive years, highlighting ITS’ projects and work.

6-Year Accomplishments Timeline

UNC Information Technology Services: ITS Quarterly Review October 2020October 2020 Quarterly Review

ITS’ October 2020 Quarterly Review shares how our teams prepared faculty, technology in teaching spaces, and students in on-campus housing for a Fall semester that initially included in-person instruction and life. You’ll also read about the importance of data-driven decision making — our Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems division developed a dashboard solution when the University needed to know the movement of students through campus for Fall semester COVID-19 planning.

Our second quarterly report also covers the beginning migration to a new Voice-over-Internet-Protocol phone system for campus, the upgrade of core database system platforms, the release of the new “My Learning” module of Carolina Talent, and the roll out of the BuyCarolina marketplace portal.

In addition, this report acquaints you with the new names of two of our groups — Educational Technologies and Software Distribution. Finally, you’ll learn more about the people of ITS.

July 2020 Quarterly Review

ITS Quarterly Review July 2020With the arrival of COVID-19 and the shift to remote learning, teaching and working in March 2020, much of the first half of 2020 was anything but normal. Fittingly, ITS’ July 2020 Quarterly Review — our inaugural quarterly report — covers an unconventional and longer span of February through July.

The Quarterly Review provides at-a-glance highlights of technology upgrades, projects and ITS’ collaborations with campus, including ways ITS helped support the University’s shift to primarily remote operations at the beginning of the pandemic.

The report covers how teams across ITS provided expertise to the Heroes Health Initiative and how individual units adjusted services and operations to support customers while also keeping them and employees safe.

You’ll also read about initiatives that ITS advanced. The day-to-day technology needs of the University continue regardless of the pandemic: improvements to ServiceNow, Wi-Fi, Carolina’s Time Information Management (TIM) system and cybersecurity awareness training, to name just a few.

2018-2019 ITS Annual Report

Efficient, effective, innovative technology The 2018-2019 ITS Annual ReportIn the 2018-2019 ITS Annual Report, we feature some of our accomplishments from the past year to give you a glimpse into the breadth and depth of ITS’s relationship to the activities, initiatives and services of UNC-Chapel Hill.

You’ll read how our operating divisions are serving today’s needs for efficient, effective and innovative technology while simultaneously preparing the University for future needs. The annual report also shares customers’ own words about their experiences with our services and employees.

The 2018-2019 Annual Report was built on WordPress, the University’s central content management solution.

ITS Annual Report Screenshot

2017-2018 ITS Annual Report

The 2017-2018 Annual Report highlights our organization’s focus on efficient, effective and innovative technology and how it enables our customer success. In addition to stories about all of ITS’ units, the report showcases 18 customer stories and testimonials about their use of our services and support.

The 2017-2018 Annual Report utilizes WordPress, the University’s central content management solution.

2016-2017 ITS Annual Report

ITS 2016-2017 Annual Report cover screenThe 2016-2017 Annual Report focuses on collaboration and celebrates the accomplishments of the past year. Collaboration is fundamental to our success as an IT organization and it is only through working with our customers and engaging with partners that we continue to grow and improve the services that we offer to the community.

The 2016-2017 Annual Report utilizes Adobe Spark technology, part of Adobe Creative Cloud suite now available for all students and instructional faculty on campus.

2015-2016 ITS Annual Report

 During 2015-2016, ITS placed a strong focus on service, and that emphasis on service manifested itself in many forms. In this annual report, read stories, watch videos and check out stats on such technology improvements and initiatives as new high-end compute clusters, a new Wi-Fi network, server consolidation and community collaborations to increase fiber connectivity.

2014-2015 ITS Annual Report

 screen grabs of tablet and smartphone 2014-15 report

Our 2014-2015 Annual Report, Strengthening the Core, Building for Tomorrowfeatures videos, slideshows, interactive graphics and more. Read about our upgraded classroom technology, firewall upgrades, HelpDesk stats, ConnectCarolina go-live and more. The report is optimized for viewing on tablet devices, but will also work on phones.

Download links:

2013-2014 Annual Report

screen grab of tablet 2013-14 report

The 2013-2014 Annual Report, Building on Success, highlights projects and achievements of a year full of prep for a new ERP. It also highlights collaborations across campus with key stakeholders and partners. This annual report is available only for iOS tablet devices although a PDF is also available.

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