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Reregister devices with eduroam before January 23, 2025

May 28, 2024

To maintain uninterrupted Wi-Fi access, ITS encourages students, faculty and staff to take a few minutes and reregister devices with eduroam before January 23, 2025. Registering with eduroam takes minutes, adds benefits ITS recommends that all students, faculty and staff … Read more

ITS acts to protect UNC’s email reputation

February 2, 2024

Protecting email reputation Behind the scenes, ITS teams have worked for months to untangle decades of email settings at UNC. In addition to configuring DMARC on 160 UNC domains and subdomains, teams have identified technical changes that will further protect … Read more

Be a good sender: bulk mail best practices to protect UNC

January 26, 2024

In February, two major email providers, Gmail and Yahoo, will begin strengthening sender requirements to fight spam. Google will implement major changes on February 1 and Yahoo said changes will take effect sometime during the month. If you send bulk … Read more