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Upon their return to campus last week, UNC-Chapel Hill students who sought in-person tech support began their ITS Service Desk experience in a more efficient and modern lounge.

A Service Desk staff member checks in one customer while a seated customer waits for a technician.
As Fall Rush began, the ITS Service Desk lobby renovation was complete except for filling in new carpeting where a bench and a reception desk had been

The big front reception desk and a long bench for seating customers shoulder to shoulder are gone. Along with fresh paint and new carpeting, the Service Desk space in the basement of the Undergraduate Library was reimagined to provide an experience more like what the Apple Store made popular.

Checking in via iPad

When campus members walk into the lounge, they either check in themselves using their PID via an iPad attached to a stand or a Service Desk staff member does it for them, depending upon how busy the Service Desk is. (If you’re interested in how this works on the back end, the Service Desk implemented a walk-up application within the University’s ServiceNow platform.)

Seating is movable

After customers check in, they wait for assistance in comfortable office chairs with wheels that can be moved around in the space, and customers can monitor their place in the virtual queue on computer screens attached to the wall.

Close up of hands ready to type on Service Desk lobby iPad
ITS Service Desk customers can self check-in via an iPad or a staff member can do it for them

Renovated over the summer

The Service Desk team vigorously labored over the summer to renovate the Service Desk lobby before the start of the semester. Those key to this project were ITS staffers Patrick Kiernan, Chase Freedman, Cody Jacobson and the Service Desk Student Leads.

The Service Desk team members said the first week of the new set-up was successful. They look forward to expanding use of self check-in over time.


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