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UNC Old Well and flowersThe division manages the University’s Information Security Office and Identity & Access Management.

Division Service Areas

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management (IAM) identifies individuals within an enterprise or group and defines and controls the access they have to information and resources within a computer network based on their roles and circumstances.

The IAM group manages services related to identity, including Onyen accounts and the UNC-Chapel Hill Enterprise Directory. IAM provides authentication and authorization services via the Onyen to faculty, staff and students at UNC-Chapel Hill to control access to applications and services provided by ITS and other IT organizations within the University.

IAM has the responsibility to produce and implement a next-generation identity management strategy for UNC-Chapel Hill.

Information Security Office

The University’s Information Security Office oversees the security of the University’s electronic information. The Information Security Office is responsible for coordinating and ensuring that information security across the University is consistent with industry best practices and the University’s compliance obligations. To meet these objectives, the Information Security Office develops information security policies and oversees the implementation of strategic information security initiatives for the University.

Our Team

Paul Rivers

Chief Information Security Officer