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command center with computer operator

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) manages the ITS data centers and provides around-the-clock support for ITS business computing activities. I&O also supports the infrastructure for the campus desktop computers and maintains the infrastructure for the operating systems for non-research ITS servers and for disaster recovery and business continuity activities for ITS.

Infrastructure & Operations Service Areas

Open Systems

ITS Open Systems is responsible for hardware, operating systems and associated services provided predominantly on Unix/Linux platforms. Enterprise Systems provides services to ITS and the UNC-Chapel Hill community.

ITS Open Systems also oversees enterprise storage and backup infrastructures. The group is responsible for building the foundation for robust University storage systems that can fulfill and balance increasing storage needs with business continuity and data security requirements.

Operations Center

The Operations Center is the heart of ITS’ network and security operations. Technical professionals staff the center around the clock, regardless of any University closure.


The Middleware group provides application server support for Java-based applications such as Sakai, SOA, the ITSApps cluster, and reverse proxy services provided to Campus Solutions. The group also provides infrastructure support for other campus technologies, including OnCore, the events calendar, the ITS content management system and

Data Center Operations

ITS Data Center Operations (DCOPS) maintains three data centers: ITS Manning, ITS Franklin and ITS Phillips. DCOPS is responsible for the day-to-day management of these data centers and ensures that all data center equipment is fully functional and responds to users’ needs. Operations staff monitors power and environmental conditions in the three data centers around the clock.

Enterprise Operations

Enterprise Operations is the University’s IT operational arm. The group provides a variety of services to support the campus and business needs, including accounts payable, campus directory, campus mailing, distributed antenna system, eProcurement, facility services, Financial Reporting System, General Administration, general finance, human resources, investments and purchasing, payroll, UNC Auxiliary Services, UNC Inventory & Campus Utilities, UNC Traffic Office and UNC-TV. Other services include supporting the needs of students and faculty such as admissions, exam scanning, financial aid, student financials, student records and alumni affairs.

Enterprise Database Administration

Enterprise Database Administration is responsible for the database administration for all CA-IDMS, Oracle, MySQL databases housed on servers at ITS. Enterprise Database Administration manages the physical structure, performance, security, and backup and recovery of the databases.

Our Team

John Mack
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure & Operations

Ray DeCristofaro
Director for Enterprise Operations

Brent Caison
Director of ITS Open Systems

Patrick Casey
Director of Middleware Services and I&O OPSEC