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On May 13, ITS will change the Citrix 2-Step Verification provider from Duo to Microsoft multifactor authentication. Citrix powers several applications at UNC, including UNCApps and Virtual Lab. The change completes a multi-year Duo modernization project.

The University uses two 2-Step Verification tools to protect sensitive systems and data — Duo and Microsoft multifactor authentication (MFA). With both services, you first log in with your Onyen and password, then prove your identity with a second method like approving a push notification or entering a passcode.

After the May 13 provider change, the flow of how you log into Citrix-powered services will remain the same.

A laptop and smartphone show the Microsoft multifactor authentication number matching process
Number matching is one way to verify your identity with Microsoft MFA

You will still enter your Onyen and password, then you’ll be prompted to verify your identity. The only difference is that instead of verifying using Duo, you will verify with Microsoft MFA.

You already use Microsoft MFA to verify your identity when you log into Microsoft 365 apps at Carolina like Heelmail and OneDrive.

Project recap

These updates are the last phase of a multi-year modernization project. The project kicked off in 2022 when Duo created the Universal Prompt to replace the traditional prompt experience.

Over the past few months, ITS implemented updates to the following services that used the traditional prompt. All services were updated to Duo Universal Prompt or an alternate modern solution, like Microsoft MFA. These modern verification options are more accessible and user-friendly than the traditional Duo prompt experience.

ITS has been updating the services on this schedule:

  • Duo registration and device management, completed February 27
  • Self Service (, completed February 29
  • ConnectCarolina (Human Resources and Student Administration), completed March 25
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN), completed March 29
  • Citrix (UNCApps, Virtual Lab), May 13

The project required collaboration between five ITS teams and testing with campus partners.

More information

If you have questions about Duo, contact the Service Desk or search for answers in the Help Portal. ITS updated user documentation in the Help Portal before updating the Duo interface on each affected service.

For more details, visit the project website.


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