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  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Lauren DiGrazia
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Enterprise Applications
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Candace Reynolds, Julie Dockens
  • STATUS: Complete
  • Project Theme: Serving Our Communities

This project will provide students who are registering for classes with information about the number of reserved seats in a class, and who the seats are for.  Currently, students may see that a class is available, and then get an error message when they try to register.  This happens when the class hasn’t reached its’ capacity, but seats are set aside for specific types of students.   For example, there may be reserved seats for first-year students, transfer students, or seniors who need the class to complete their major field of study.  Individual departments determine reserved seats, and to date, students haven’t been able to see details on those reserves.

During the registration period for Spring 2023 classes, students will see the number of open and reserved seats available for a class before they try to register and potentially get an error message. There will be colored icons that indicate the status of each class.  Green oval = Open; red square = Closed; yellow triangle = Waitlisted; purple diamond = Reserve seats only.  Students can check the Class Details page to get more information about who the reserved seats are for.

Work began during the summer of 2022 and changes are expected to be in place by the time students start adding classes to their shopping carts (late September 2022).