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  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Mechelle Clayton, Vicki Bradley
  • SPONSOR(S):  Joe Williams
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Enterprise Applications
  • PROJECT OWNER:  Don Hepp
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Erica Guestin
  • STATUS: In Progress
  • Project Theme: Improving Process and Operations

The purpose of this project is to give employees the ability to submit and view leave attachments in ConnectCarolina – Employee Self-Service. The UNC Leave Administration Team in the Human Resources Division created this online submission format to make leave submissions simpler and more consistent.

There are many reasons employees request a leave of absence, such as personal or family medical situations, paid parental leave, or military leave. ( Currently, employees submit leave requests using one or more paper forms attached to emails sent to different approvers. Those requests are manually tracked in spreadsheets maintained by UNC Leave Administration Team. This can be confusing to employees and poses a significant burden on HR/Leave Administration personnel.

Project outcomes

  • Employees have greater visibility to the approval status of their leave submissions.
  • Decreased document management and archiving costs.
  • A leave case management solution for the lifecycle of a leave case that allows central HR to communicate with campus and employees more quickly and in a standardized format.

The project will have three phases.

  1.  Leave Attachment eForm [November 2022]: The first phase is to provide employees a way to submit leave documentation directly through ConnectCarolina. Employees will still use paper forms, but they can upload them as attachments in ConnectCarolina. Departmental HR Reps and HR/Leave Administration personnel can also submit documentation on an employee’s behalf.
  2. Leave Request eForm [Summer 2023]: The second phase will allow employees to request leave through ConnectCarolina using a single electronic form instead of several physical forms. The request will include necessary approval routing and automated notifications.
  3. Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) eForm [Spring 2024]: The third phase will allow employees to donate voluntary shared leave through ConnectCarolina.