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  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Mechelle Clayton, Vicki Bradley
  • SPONSOR(S):  Joe Williams
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Enterprise Applications
  • PROJECT OWNER:  Don Hepp
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Erica Guestin
  • STATUS: In Progress
  • Project Theme: Improving Process and Operations

What is it?

The process for submitting leave requests is changing from manually tracked paper forms to an online submission format in ConnectCarolina – Employee Self-Service.

Why are we doing it?

The paper leave submission format can be confusing to employees and poses a significant burden on HR/Leave Administration personnel. The purpose of this project is to make leave submissions simpler and more consistent. After this project:

  • Employees will have greater visibility into the approval status of their submissions.
  • There will be a decrease in document management and archiving costs.
  • A leave case management solution for the case lifecycle will allow central HR to communicate with campus and employees more quickly and in a standardized format.

How does this impact our UNC community?

UNC Human Resources and employees

The way employees submit a leave of absence will change, allowing the Leave Administration Team and other UNC employees to track and manage submissions more effectively and efficiently.

When is this happening?

Phase 3 – Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) eForm: The third phase of this project will allow employees to donate voluntary shared leave through ConnectCarolina. Expected completion Spring: 2024 

Phase 2 – Leave Request eForm: The second phase allows employees to request leave through ConnectCarolina using a single electronic form instead of several physical forms. The request will include necessary approval routing and automated notifications. Expected completion: Summer 2023 

Phase 1 –  Leave Attachment eForm: The first phase provided employees a way to submit leave documentation directly through ConnectCarolina. Employees could still use paper forms and upload them as attachments in ConnectCarolina. Departmental HR Reps and HR/Leave Administration personnel could also submit documentation on an employee’s behalf. Completed: November 2022

Where can I find more information? 

Benefits & Leave Forms