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  • SPONSOR(S):  Ken Langley, Ethan Kromhout, Paul Rivers
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Security and Identity Management
  • PROJECT OWNER:  Kim Stahl
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Bianca Bonds
  • CHANGE MANAGER:  Emily Hardin
  • STATUS: In Progress
  • Project Theme: Improving Process and Operations

What are we going to do?

This project is focused on establishing clear and consistent rules for email aliases at the University to prevent collisions and misrouting, and to create consistency that improves the security of our IT credentials. We’ll ensure that Onyen holders receive matching email aliases without allocating them to others.

Why are we doing it?

Our goal is to simplify things for University staff. We’re working on reducing technical complexities related to managing email domains, aliases, and services. By improving our processes, operations, and policies, we aim to create a better experience for everyone who currently has an Onyen and University email, as well as those who will have one in the future.

How does this impact our UNC community?

This project will impact all campus Onyen holders and email users. The impact will vary by group.

Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees, and other Affiliates: No action is required from these groups at this time, but they may notice changes if they get a new email alias.

ITS Service Desk, ITS, and distributed IT staff: Members of these groups will be involved in the project implementation and ongoing email alias management. It should be easier, but different.

When is this happening?

The project is currently in progress and will be completed in several phases. The first phase is expected to be completed by Spring 2024.