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What is it?

The University is looking to expand and centrally manage certificate programs within the Graduate School by updating ConnectCarolina and creating a central administration model for graduate credit-bearing certificate programs.

Why are we doing it?

Credit-bearing certificate programs are currently managed in multiple units. This project aims to develop a common administration platform so the Graduate School can manage programs in one space. Ultimately, centralizing programs is critical to support the University’s goal of certificate program expansion.

How does this impact our UNC community?

Graduate School, Departments, and Students 

Graduate students will have access to a greater number of certificate programs within the Graduate School, and they will experience consistent administrative support throughout the certificate program process. Additionally, departments will benefit from the Graduate School’s partnership in effectively managing all certificate programs.

When is this happening?

This is a multi-phased project. The first phase is underway.

Phase I – This phase is a pilot phase that will consist of 4-6 certificate programs and will cover the entire student lifecycle including the following:

  • Academic Structure
  • Admissions Certificate Application
  • Eligibility
  • Certificate Completion
  • Transcripts

Where can I find more information?

Guidelines for Certificate Programs – UNC Chapel Hill