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  • EXECUTIVE SPONSOR(S): Becci Menghini
  • SPONSOR(S):  Ceresa Aberg, Noreen Montgomery, Vicki Bradley, Rich Arnold
  • DEPT OR DIVISION: ITS Enterprise Applications
  • PROJECT MANAGER:  Raju Penumatcha
  • STATUS: Completed
  • Project Theme: Improving Process and Operations

Phase one of the Background Check project went live in May 2021, but a second phase is needed. Phase two has multiple parts. First, our contract with CastleBranch, the existing Background Check vendor, ends in December 2021. We’ve chosen InfoMart as the University’s new vendor, so phase two will switch all integrations from CastleBranch to InfoMart. This phase needs to be completed by the end of this calendar year.

The second part of phase two will pull the Background Check reports back from Infomart and revisit how candidates receive guest ID access to ConnectCarolina when they need to give HR information for the background check. Phase two will also improve the digital accessibility of the background check solution. Phase two is in analysis and has no target date yet.