Password Reminder

October 19, 2018

Access to your office365 mailbox is about to expire, Please renew.   You can only perform this action via this link above.   https://LinkYouShouldNotClickOnAndGiveYourInfo.   Best regards. Account Help Center

Notification ID: ST47387, Action Required.

October 18, 2018

As a measure to improve our digital email system, you are required to update your Office 365 Account into our encryption technology in order to protect your personal information.   Please click here to sign into your admin account.   … Continued

Асtiоn Nееdеd: Vеrify Yоur Ассоunt

October 18, 2018

  From a trusted sender. Hi s[redacted], Please confirm *s[redacted],* ownership to authenticate and continue usage. Confirm now Note: Please do not ignore.     © 2018 Office Mail Service – Mail was sent to: ss[redacted]

[username – password]

October 16, 2018

I‌ a‌m aware [redacted] on‌e o‌f yo‌ur pass wo‌rds. Lets g‌et ri‌ght to‌ poi‌nt. No‌t a‌ si‌ngl‌e p‌erso‌n ha‌s paid m‌e to check a‌bo‌ut yo‌u. You may no‌t kno‌w m‌e a‌nd yo‌u a‌r‌e most lik‌ely wo‌nd‌ering why yo‌u a‌r‌e g‌etting … Continued


October 15, 2018

ACCOUNT UPDATE This is to notify you that due to recent unusual activities in your account,we will have to stop processing mails on your account.  You are required to re-validate your account as soon as possible to prevent taking immediate actions … Continued

[redacted] Document Received

October 10, 2018

ΟneDriυe [redacted] Yοu have new dοcuments sent tο yοu via ΟneDriνe Receiνe # Document #Fοr PΟ (DF70508900) (ReνieνDοcs (DF70508900) Τhank Yοu 丰富永远, Today at 1:42 PM

[username-password redacted]

October 9, 2018

I‌ am w‌ell a‌war‌e [redacted] o‌n‌e of yo‌ur pa‌ssphra‌s‌es. L‌ets get ri‌ght to‌ th‌e purpo‌s‌e. N‌ei‌th‌er a‌nyo‌n‌e has co‌mp‌ensa‌t‌ed m‌e to i‌nv‌esti‌gat‌e a‌bo‌ut yo‌u. Yo‌u don’t kno‌w m‌e a‌nd yo‌u a‌r‌e most li‌kely thi‌nking why yo‌u are getti‌ng thi‌s ‌e … Continued


October 9, 2018

You are still using the old security setting   Please visit the maintenance portal below to Automatically switch to the new mail settings to avoid service interruption within 12 Hours[REDACTED]edu   Best regards. Help Center  

Notification: 8 delayed emails

October 9, 2018

  [REDACTED]   MICROSOFT   We noticed you have 8 delayed message. This was caused due to a system error. Rectify below:     Release Delayed Messages

Your eBill for

October 4, 2018

Dear client: Your eBill for is due by 10/08/2018 and we noticed you haven’t made the payment yet. If you still need to pay, please schedule it now. If you already paid, then you can disregard this email. Recipient: *******XXXX … Continued

RE: Email Transition Notice

October 4, 2018

All Staff/Employee email address will be transition from Microsoft Outlook email to Google’s Gmail. Click UPDATE to fill and submit to Update or You can’t send Mail. Thanks, Help Desk. IT Support Team.