RE: IT Technical Service (Admin Desk)!

August 20, 2019

Dear Staff, Employees. Today, AUGUST 20, 2019, We’re migrating the entire email account of employees and Staff into the Outlook 2019 Office Webmail. As a result, all active employees and Staff must review and sign up for an urgent update … Continued

Office License Expired

August 20, 2019

Office 365- Check Your Payment Information     Sign in to the Office To Check Your Payment Information You can review these here Office 365: set your Message center preferences. Choose the release track for your organization. Use these settings … Continued

Payroll Ticket Submission and Approval

August 19, 2019

This is to notify you that the pay cycle submission and approval deadline for the upcoming pay cycle for August 2019 has commenced. Your cooperation to meet this schedule is greatly appreciated. Follow Payroll Helpdesk To submit a helpdesk ticket … Continued

Sog Email Verification Required

August 19, 2019

This message was generated from Sog source. Hi [redacted] Our mail system is automatically terminating your account with ‘Sog’ mail system server on ‘2019-08-19’ due to account being obsolete and currently not in use. If you believe this is a … Continued

You have 9 pending emails. Download them now

August 19, 2019

Dear (redacted),   You have undelivered emails on the server. These emails have not been properly synced with your mailbox. To synchronize your mailbox with your host. click below Download your emails However, if you do not retrieve your undelivered emails now, … Continued

You have 4 new messages on hold

August 15, 2019

Message from Trusted server. You have 4 pending messages from your Unc organization. Mеssаgеs fоr:   ******* Hеrе’s whаt tо dо nеxt: Follow the link below review them Release them or sve them if needed Rеviеw Mеssаgеs tо Rеlеаsе оr … Continued

Validation required

August 13, 2019

Greetings Due to the request that you created. We need to validate you as the owner of this email This validation valid until 23 Aug, 2019. VALIDATE by clicking below. Note: Failure to validate will result to account disabled   … Continued

Benefits Open Enrollment ends 13/019

August 13, 2019

To All, Remember to complete your benefits enrollment, new payment structure etc .During the open enrollment which ends on Thursday of this week To enroll, go to benefits.HRintouch to begin the online process by validating the required details. Best Regards.

Remittance Schedule 0527

August 12, 2019

To: [] We have paid your Invoice 64853 today. Please find attached for the remittance advice copy.   Amount paid: $6,256.12   Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions Thank you   Sanchez Fernandez Controller Heriot-Watt University … Continued

Check Error Status

August 12, 2019

Office-365 Review Error Details We found out something about your application subscription to the user I.D . Running an outdated application is against our terms and policy, We strongly recommend you review all subscription assigned to you. We notify … Continued

Important notice: All staffs/students

August 9, 2019

Good Day,   Urgent important notice, All Staff/students are expected to migrate to the New 2019 Microsoft Outlook Web Portal to enable access to the below, Click here to migrate immediately.   Click here to migrate immediately. (Redacted)   Access … Continued