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ITS Educational Technologies has wrapped up consolidating 30 of the University’s Zoom sub-accounts.

“Consolidating sub-accounts has resolved issues users had while trying to collaborate on Zoom across schools and departments. It also has standardized account settings and simplified user support,” said EdTech Director Suzanne Cadwell.

14,000 accounts migrated

ITS worked with Zoom Technical Support to migrate approximately 14,000 user accounts into the main campus account or the new consolidated HIPAA sub-account. The new HIPAA sub-account is governed by the University’s new Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Zoom, which allows users to record meetings to Zoom’s cloud service. This new access to Zoom’s cloud service also affords transcription of recorded meetings and automated transcription of live meetings.

Suzanne Cadwell
Suzanne Cadwell

Project started last year

EdTech completed the consolidation on July 26. The team began planning the project late last year and in February proposed the project to the University’s Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC).

Many collaborators

Project team members held meetings not only with each sub-account owner and administrator, but also with all HIPAA sub-account holders and with IT Security Architect Alex Everett of the Information Security Office to finalize administrative and security settings for the new sub-account.

As a result of these conversations, EdTech used Zoom’s custom role feature to create three new support roles, enabling local Zoom support staff to troubleshoot common problems while restricting access to other settings and information. The project team provided each unit with communication boiler plates to customize and share with users in advance of that unit’s migration date.

Student Affairs was first

Student Affairs’ non-HIPAA sub-account migrated first, in March. Some 29 other sub-accounts followed, with the majority migrated in July, including the School of Medicine’s HIPAA account with 6,682 users.

“I appreciate campus partners for supporting this project and spending time with my team to execute the project,” Cadwell said. “I also appreciate their patience with Zoom and EdTech in resolving post-migration issues.”

Cadwell and EdTech’s Vaughn Booker managed and executed the project. Garrett Cook, J Bazemore and Jeremiah Joyner managed and executed all API-driven aspects of the work. Savannah Dunn, Corey Sanders, and Jordan Adams offered end-users friendly and knowledgeable assistance in resolving post-migration service requests. All are ITS staffers.

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