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Since late November, the ITS Service Desk has been using Duo Push to reset customers’ Onyen passwords and to reset and unlock 2-Step verification for Microsoft 365 applications (MFA), including University email accounts.

The Information Security Office worked with the Service Desk to streamline the reset process.

Christina Artis
Christina Artis

Faster while secure

With Duo Push, the Service Desk staff can conduct the resets faster while still doing them securely, thereby improving the customer experience. When someone needs a password reset, the Service Desk sends the person a verification code to use on the authentication prompt of the Duo mobile application. After the person confirms the Duo code that was sent to them, the Service Desk resets the password or MFA.

The person no longer has to remember and match pre-established personal questions and answers, nor fill out an ID verification form and provide two forms of photo ID. Essentially giving their whole life story can be very uncomfortable for customers, said Christina Artis, Manager, ITS Service Desk.

Streamlines resets

“It’s great just because there’s no more awkward, ‘Oh, I don’t remember my address or phone number that you have on file,’ or ‘Let me go run and get my PID,’” she said. “It’s great. It streamlines the process for the customer and for us.”

Duo Push isn’t a “magic bullet or a silver bullet,” she noted. Not everyone has Duo. The majority of University retirees, for example, do not have Duo installed on their devices or they authenticate in Duo via a phone call or text instead of a push.

Exploring automation

Given the initial success of this pilot, the Information Security Office is exploring options to automate password resets leveraging strong authentication technology such as multi-factor and 2-Step. Increasing automation is a key component of the University’s Carolina Next strategic plan to optimize operations.

Campus members who are using Duo Push for resets appreciate the convenience.

“Our customers love Duo Push, and we love it as well,” Artis said.

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