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During the first week of classes last week, the ITS Service Desk supported 4,830 contacts, with 1,409 contacts in the first day alone. The overall volume increased over 2019 by 9%, or 450 additional contacts.

Luxer Lockers unit with 15 compartments
The Luxer Lockers unit provides 15 compartments of varying sizes

The week-long tally via phones reached 2,335, a 38% percent jump from last year, or 721 more calls, said Erin Towne, who manages the Service Desk’s Walk-In staff. Web surged 142%, or 508 additional web tickets. Chat, meanwhile, skyrocketed 161%, or 1,092 additional chats.

Short wait time

The average phone wait time for the week was only four minutes, 14 seconds. The wait time maxed out at nine minutes, six seconds, on Monday.

The short wait time is despite this being an anything-but-normal first week of classes. The Service Desk’s Walk-in support was suspended due to COVID-19. The Service Desk normally operates from the Undergraduate Library, which is temporarily closed during the pandemic.

The campus community’s support needs are now handled safely through chat, web and phones.

Installed contactless lockers

In an additional step toward safe support,  ITS installed new “smart” lockers at the Student Union to provide students with a safe and convenient way to drop off laptops in need of repair, pick up repaired machines, and access loaners in a virtually contactless experience. Over the first four days they were available, the lockers were used 120 times.

Doing more with less

Ingrid Camacho
Ingrid Camacho

In another change during the first week of classes, the Service Desk operated without the 15 contractors it had during 2019 Fall Rush. This was a leaner operation in keeping with University strategy.

In still other stats, the first week of classes beat move-in week by nearly 900 contacts.

The weekly average of contacts since March 16 is 2,258, including 1,009 contacts via phone.

Staff rose to the challenge

“Our Service Desk has been challenged to adapt to new situations daily since COVID-19 started,” said Ingrid Camacho, Service Desk Assistant Director. “I feel nothing but pride for the way our team has adapted to the new normal. They remained flexible, they kept a great attitude, they worked overtime, and they stayed calm. They have risen to the challenge!”

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