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Alertus Desktop NotifcationThe newest addition to the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System is now available for desktop and laptop Windows and Mac OS computers on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

Alert Carolina is now offering the Alertus Desktop Notification client to campus as a way to reach users through an extra channel.

Multiple channels improve reach

Truly effective mass emergency notification should reach users through multiple channels, said Matthew Mauzy, ITS’ Alert Carolina lead and Manager of Emergency Response Technology. Alert Carolina already uses text-messaging, email, social media and outdoor warning sirens.

Matthew Mauzy 2016 headshot
Matthew Mauzy

What to expect

When the Alert Carolina system is activated for an Emergency Notification, a full-screen alert will appear on all PCs and Macs that have the Alertus Desktop Notification client installed. The Alertus Desktop Notification software will only activate for users on the UNC campus network (wired, wireless, VPN).

Support and documentation

Documentation for the Alertus Desktop Notification client is available on the website and can be installed and managed via SCCM Software Center or JAMF, or downloaded from the website.





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