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Service Desk employee helps retiree at migration event
A Service Desk employee assists a customer at a migration event for University retirees.

Two weeks of migrations remain before the Office 365 project wraps up, but work related to Office 365 is just beginning for some ITS staff members.

Service Desk supported 34 groups so far

The ITS Service Desk will continue to receive calls, chats, emails and walk-in requests related to all of the applications within Office 365. Since March, the Service Desk has logged 2,216 tickets associated with Office 365, from 34 different groups across campus. Those numbers will just continue to grow.

The Service Desk was an integral part of the planning, testing, implementation, creation of knowledge base, and customer support throughout this project, said Alison Campbell, a Service Desk staffer on the 365 Project Team.

Alison Campbell preps Lyndon Joyce for a video shoot while the video producer waits behind the camera.
Alison Campbell and Lyndon Joyce work together during a shoot for Office 365 videos.

Transitions between Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 throughout the project were seamless, utilizing existing escalation workflows during the Office 365 migrations, said Lyndon Joyce, who also is a Service Desk staffer on the 365 Project Team.

Service Desk contributed to Field Team’s success

The Service Desk staff and their cooperation directly affected the Office 365 Field Team’s preparedness for success, said Scott McCall, who has led the Office 365 Field Team along with Anne Vail since migrations began in February. He calls the Service Desk staffers the “wizards behind the curtain.”

“The Service Desk patiently answered our questions–no matter how remedial–every step of the way,” McCall said.

Service Desk staffer assists retiree with her mobile device at Office 365 retiree clinic.
A Service Desk employee helps a retiree with her mobile device at an Office 365 migration event for University retirees.

“They had our backs every go-live day, and we trusted any ticket sent their way was getting proper attention. We had to have that reassurance to be successful.”

McCall added: “I always knew their job was tough, but I have new respect for their diligence and attention to detail after working more closely with them over the last few months.”

Service Desk will continue Office 365 support

“At the Service Desk level, we strive to keep the customer experience the same despite any added volume from projects, like Office 365,” Joyce said. “Moving forward, we will continue adding to the knowledge base as new features and applications come out and we will continue learning about the ever-evolving world of Office 365.”

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