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In this post within our occasional Meet the ITS team series, we highlight ITS’ Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems team.

The Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems (ERDS) team is one of three teams within the Data Reporting Environments & Application Middleware (DREAM) division of ITS. The other two are the Middleware team and the PeopleSoft and Database Administration team.

What is Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems?

The Enterprise Reporting & Departmental Systems team brings data from central administrative systems across campus into a data warehouse and provides reporting options to users of those systems.


A woman on a laptop looks at information about reporting in ConnectCarolinaERDS delivers reporting options to central and campus administration users as well as students. The team provides data from the data warehouse directly to campus groups so those groups in turn can consume their data and customize reports for their specific business needs.

These data are included in reports from ConnectCarolina-specific platforms like InfoPorte (a hub for displaying and working with ConnectCarolina information) to Tar Heel Reports (Tableau-based reports) to public-facing interfaces such as Class Search and Historical Course Record.

ERDS also handles the overall site administration in Tableau for central and campus groups that want to use this reporting and visual analytics tool.

Departmental Systems:

ERDS developed and continues to support UNC InfoPorte’s Core Facilities application (Cores). Cores provides ordering, invoicing, payment processing and order reporting for faculty and staff as well as the general public, with 2022 sales at more than $24 million.

What’s new with the ERDS team?

  • Working on a new data model that will increase the ease and use of employee data in the data warehouse.
  • Working with the PeopleSoft and Database Administration team to create a self-service tool so that Enterprise Applications leads can run their own PeopleSoft database table refreshes.
  • Focused on a data optimization project that will allow finance and student resources to kick off the snapshots needed for the finance and student data marts. These data marts are big processes within the University and the data warehouse.
  • Continually developing ways to deal with the large growth of data and increase in nightly processing times.
  • Enabled the Tableau Data Management add-on for users. The team will provide use of the add-on as part of a three-year contract for users to explore and determine how it may benefit their Tableau sites.

Who are the people of ERDS?

  • Mimi Bennett
  • Terence Costello
  • Kristy Frey
  • Ryan Fulcher
  • Josh Harmes
  • Dean Huff
  • Keith Jones
  • Dan Kelo
  • Elizabeth Mumpower
  • Bob Poliachik
  • Parin Potnis
  • Sally Schinske


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