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Matthew Mauzy demos Alert CarolinaIn late June, UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services, Campus Safety & Risk Management, and Communications and Public Affairs implemented significant enhancements that streamlined and automated more of the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System.

Improvements enable faster activation

With a project nickname of One Button, these improvements to the emergency notification system enable faster activation of the system during emergencies, said IT Manager Matthew Mauzy, ITS’ Alert Carolina lead.

“The One Button project is a big step forward for the initial notification process during University emergencies, when seconds count,” Mauzy said.

Formally called Initial Emergency Notification Automation, the project consisted of updating the technology behind the emergency notification system and adding new software to integrate the existing services that comprise the Alert Carolina system into a single portal.

Matthew Mauzy unveils Alert Carolina buttonsMore automation

The updated system uses one color-coded button to activate each of the five different types of predefined scenarios, such as armed and dangerous, major fire/hazmat or tornado warning. Pushing the button sets into motion a series of processes that previously were done manually.

Additional improvements planned

Over time, Alert Carolina will gain other enhancements as well. Other available tools include Alertus Beacons that can be installed in classrooms and other public places, Alertus Desktop Notifiers that would be available for download to take over the desktop or pop up in the corner of computer screens, and digital signage override systems that can take over the screens of digital signs.

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