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Steven Nutz with ITS ResNETAll while working as a ResNET student employee, Steven Nutz, a 25-year-old from Morehead City, has lived in eight different dorms over nearly seven years, including five summers of employment with ResNET.

Working for ResNET has remained a constant during his college career—even after he double majored from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012 with degrees in biochemistry and biology and entered Carolina’s medical school. Now living and working in Baity Hill for ResNET, Nutz anticipates earning his medical degree next spring. He’s applying to internal medicine residencies.

When he leaves Carolina and ResNET, Nutz said he will somehow incorporate his love for technology into his medical career.

“Medicine is increasingly using IT for nearly everything,” he said. “I have dabbled in electronic health record development and taught myself how to code with the intent of designing Web-based health services.”

Earlier during med school, he also served as an IT representative in student government.

Now, in his own words, Nutz describes his experience working all these years for ResNET:

“I first heard about ResNET early in my first year of undergrad while sitting with new friends in Ram’s Head Dining Hall. Someone pulled out a new phone that needed to be setup on UNC-Chapel Hill’s network and having already set up my own and several other phones for people in my dorm, I quickly rattled off the necessary settings and passwords. A sophomore sitting on the other end of the table overhead my response and was quick to point out that he works for a program called ResNET and given what he just saw, he’d highly advise I apply. I applied, was accepted and started working as a Residential Computing Consultant (RCC) in the spring of my first year.

I first worked several semesters as an RCC. I worked predominantly on south campus with underclassmen who were having difficulty setting up their new tech brought from home. I met tons of students, gained lots of tech experience and honed my customer-service skills.

I was soon promoted to a Senior Residential Computing Consultant, where in addition to helping clients, I also managed and advised 10-15 RCCs. This is a privilege within ResNET as there are only four to five SRCCs per year out of the 40-50 RCCs. In this position, I led internal meetings and community-based events and improved my basic management skills.

During my time with ResNET, I’ve helped hundreds, possibly thousands of Carolina students with their tech issues. I admit I’m still surprised at some issues I encounter today. Technology is a forever changing field and I will sorely miss the ResNET community and managers once this year ends. For me, ResNET has become less and less of a job and more of a hobby. I certainly will take everything I learned to heart and incorporate it into my future career of medicine.”


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