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Welcome Back to Campus

As you return to campus you will need to refresh your mind and your technology. Below you will find some suggestions to get you back up and running! Make sure to set aside some time to assure a smooth transition back to your on-campus space.

Reactivate On-Campus Workstations

The workstations in your office or cubicle likely haven’t been kept up-to-date like the laptop you’ve been using for the past year. Get them back in gear by doing these things:

  1. Wipe it down
    • Clear away dust and germs to help keep you and your computer healthy
  2. Check those connections
    • Power cables should be connected securely between the device and its power source. Don’t forget to check power strips, too!
  3. Run System updates
    • PCs: Click on Start, then Settings, then Update & Security. Click Check for Updates
      • Note for Lenovo users: find the Lenovo folder in the Start menu for more driver updates
      • If your computer has not been turned on or connected to VPN in the last year, please contact the Service Desk.
    • Macs: Open System Preferences and click on Software Update, or click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and click Software Update
  4. Refresh your browsers
    • Click on the menu (3 dots or 3 bars) in the upper right corner, go to Help, and click on About

 Get connected!

Return UNC-issued Devices to Campus

All loaned and no-longer-in-use devices should be brought back to campus

This may include:

  • laptops
  • desktops
  • cell phones
  • docking stations
  • monitors
  • web cams
  • keyboards
  • mice

Don’t forget to back up data from those devices first!

Contact your departmental IT or the Service Desk if you have questions about how to return items.

Need help?

We offer four great ways to get help with any and all of your tech issues: