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Service description

Each day hundreds of people call the University Operators at 919-962-2211 to ask a wide range of questions. From “Where can I park for the game?” to “What is the phone number for the Romance Languages department?” to “Where can I park for my conference?” there is almost no question this group of ITS staff members hasn’t heard.

Located on central campus, the operators route calls from campus, state, and national callers to all departments, schools and centers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Each workstation is equipped with T-Metrics software that accesses a campus phone directory database (updated daily by ITS Telecommunications).

During business hours, for each call to the Communications Center, an operator answers the call, listens to the customer’s inquiry, and routes the call directly to the corresponding University unit. All calls are tracked as to length and time of call for customer service performance reviews.

Campus services

  • Directory Assistance: The Communications Center staff members have access to the campus directory database coupled with routing capabilities on their specially equipped workstations. Inquires for campus numbers are searched, confirmed, and directly routed, usually in a matter of seconds.
  • Event Information and Conferences: Contact the Communications Center at 919-962-2211 with the time, locations and parking information for your event or conference. When you provide the center with information about your event, they can better serve your guests and speakers who call the main campus phone number.
  • Meet-Me conference call numbers and assistance: Any University employee can conference with a maximum of 30 parties by scheduling the time and date, in advance, with the University Operator 919-962-2211.