Research Computing: Killdevil retired

ITS retires Killdevil research computing cluster

Posted 6 months ago

ITS Research Computing has decommissioned the Killdevil computing cluster. Users migrated their workflow from Killdevil over to Research Computing’s more modern, powerful clusters, Longleaf and Dogwood. Killdevil served University for seven years Research Computing turned off Killdevil on December 17, … Continued

Participants learn in the lab portion of the Deep Learning Symposium

Survey indicates strong interest for another deep learning event

Posted 7 months ago

Feedback on the Deep Learning event that ITS Research Computing held in September, including a recent survey of participants, demonstrates strong interest for another such event next year. Research Computing conceived of and co-sponsored the Deep Learning, Machine Learning and … Continued

Exhibit floor at SC18 supercomputing conference

Research Computing staff attend Supercomputing 18 conference

Posted 8 months ago

Five members of the ITS Research Computing team attended an international supercomputing convention in Dallas in mid-November. Research Computing staffers Liam Greenwood, Fengping Hu, Tim McGuire, C.D. Poon and Mark Reed were among the record-breaking crowd of more than 13,000 … Continued

Deep Learning Symposium, SAS World Headquarters, Cary, NC, Septe. 27-28

Deep Learning Symposium scheduled

Posted 11 months ago

ITS Research Computing will host a Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Symposium in conjunction with SAS Institute and Nvidia on September 27-28, 2018. The conference will be held at the Executive Briefing Center on the SAS campus in … Continued

Words Research Computing 2016-2017 highlights with image of the Old Well

ITS Research Computing highlights 2016-2017 accomplishments

Posted 2 years ago

During fiscal year 2016-2017, ITS Research Computing procured and installed the new Dogwood computer cluster, decommissioned the Kure cluster and moved much work onto the Longleaf cluster. For details about these accomplishments and many more, please keep reading. Research Computing … Continued

Paul Jones headhshot 2017

Research Computing takes on work with digital archive ibiblio

Posted 2 years ago

As part of a new partnership between ITS and the School of Information and Library Science, ITS Research Computing has begun provisioning and managing the infrastructure of digital archive ibiblio. ITS Research Computing took on this work with in … Continued

Words Research Computing: A Newcomer's View over a photo of the Old Well

IT pro provides newcomer view of Research Computing

Posted 2 years ago

Meet the Service Owner: Liam Greenwood Title: IT Manager of Advanced Computing Infrastructure for ITS Research Computing After eight years of working for ITS Infrastructure & Operations, Greenwood left the division in January to take on a new role within … Continued