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To share a folder in the “UNC, Research Computing, DataMover” collection to a collaborator (internal or external, with read-only or read-write access):

  1. Go to, click the “Log In” button, choose “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill” as the organization, and login with your onyen.
  2. Once logged in, you should be on the “File Manager” page (can return to this page at any time by the “File Manager” link near the top of the left-hand menu). On this page, select the “UNC, Research Computing, DataMover” collection.
  3. Navigate to the folder to share.
  4. Single-click on the folder to select it (double-click would enter it).
  5. To the right (single panel view) or center (double panel view) is a menu of options – click the top one “Share”. This goes to a page for creating a share – on this page:

    • “Path” should already be correctly selected.
    • “Share Display Name” is what the users it’s shared to will see, and what they can search for to find it, so enter a meaningful name here.
    • “Description” and “Keywords” are optional.
    • After entering values, click “Create Share”.
  6. The next step is to give selected users access to the “Shared endpoint” just created:
    • The new page that shows up has a title of “Shared With” and the owner is the only one in the list (with read and write access). To add another user, click one of the buttons/links (which has a + sign and user symbol, there are 2 near the top of the page).
    • The new page has a title “Add Permissions – Share With” – on this page, enter fields as follows:
      • Default value for “Path” is “/” – note that this is relative to the shared endpoint, NOT its host endpoint – and this likely doesn’t need to be changed, but can be if needed.
      • For the simplest case of sharing to a user, leave “user” selected, enter the user’s email address, and click “Search”. The email address here should be one associated with a Globus account, but need not be a UNC Globus account (can be through another ID provider).
      • The user will get Read permission. If they should be given Write permission, then check the “write” box here.
      • Click “Add Permission”.
    • Repeat for all users to be given access.

When the collaborator logs in to Globus, they will need to select the “Share Display Name” that you created as the name of the collection.