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Exhibit floor at SC18 supercomputing conference
Exhibit floor at SC18

Five members of the ITS Research Computing team attended an international supercomputing convention in Dallas in mid-November.

Research Computing staffers Liam Greenwood, Fengping Hu, Tim McGuire, C.D. Poon and Mark Reed were among the record-breaking crowd of more than 13,000 attendees at the SC18 supercomputing conference on November 11-16.

The convention of high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis was the largest in the 30 years of the event.

The six-day event brought together researchers, vendors and representatives from government and academia.

Hot topics at the conference included:

  • the push for Exascale computing
  • cloud computing
  • developments in quantum computing
  • how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming high performance computing

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