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Benny Ramos UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Human ResourcesStaff members at the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Human Resources recognize the importance of assessing the sensitive information they have on their computers and deleting and/or securing that information.

The Office of Human Resources also appreciates the tools that Information Technology Services has supplied to enable the department to successfully implement the Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, said Benny Ramos, who provides IT Support within the Office of Human Resources.

Since launching Project SIR in 2014, ITS has worked with many University departments and units across campus on the initiative by providing the tools, procedures and reporting necessary to help data owners discover all of the sensitive information that they may have and to provide options to delete and/or secure such information.

In the following testimonial, Ramos describes the Office of Human Resources’ experience with Project SIR:

“The ITS Project SIR team reached out to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) due to the amount of sensitive data our office works with. We introduced the project to OHR departments using the PowerPoint presentation and tutorial video supplied by the Project SIR team. These materials ensured that our users found Identity Finder to be easy to use, with clearly defined reports.

We added task reminders on staff calendars to run Identity Finder every two weeks. We strongly encourage OHR staff to save sensitive data to our secure network storage, and running Identity Finder allows them to confirm that they are adhering to this process.

University employees trust us with their personal information and we do not want to take any chances with that. OHR staff understand that correctly storing sensitive data is essential to the University’s reputation, and Identity Finder allows us to put appropriate controls in place.”

Look for additional Project SIR customer case studies on each of the next two Fridays.

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