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Over the last 1½ months here at ITS News, we’ve introduced you to some industrious students who are doing cool things in information technology with ITS and elsewhere on campus and beyond. Sophomore Brent Comstock, for one, inspires all of us by juggling his own IT services and consulting company while taking a full course load, volunteering in a variety of tech, entrepreneurial and community roles, and essentially serving as a liaison between Student Government and ITS.

On our website, you’ve also read about the creative ways ITS managers are collaborating with students. They’re tapping into students’ insights and energy while providing students with valuable real-world experience and access to valuable resources. As ITS Web Services Manager Billy Hylton noted, students bring perspectives and insights that ITS otherwise would not have. “We’re just so thrilled to have that input,” he said.

Student collaborations invigorate ITS managers

Hylton is energized by working with students such as Matt Leming, who helped create the University’s CarolinaGo mobile app, and recent graduate Anne McCarthy, who credits her student job at ITS Web Services for helping her snag her dream job with WordPress in San Francisco. We also shared with you the collaborations that ITS IT Director Maribel Carrion thoroughly enjoys — her work with students, including the guys who developed the UNC Class Checker and UNC Class Finders apps.

UNC Class Checker student developers meet with ITSFrom these collaborations, ITS has “established a way we can work with students on an ongoing basis,” Carrion said.

Building upon student connections

ITS will continue building on this valuable work with students on various levels, including through collaborating on app development, employing students at the ITS Response Center and other ITS units, and by maintaining close connections with student groups on campus.

If you missed any of these student-focused posts in November and early December, we encourage you to spend a few minutes learning about these people who add to the richness of Carolina’s campus community.

Students who are interested in bringing their skills, energy and knowledge to ITS can contact ITS at

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