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How ConnectCarolina changes business


UNC-Chapel Hill has relied on different systems for its finance and human resources data—systems that were not integrated with each other and did not speak the same computer language. With the switch to ConnectCarolina in October, all of that information will be in one place. When University employees need to find information, they will know exactly where to look and they will be confident that the data is consistent when performing reporting across multiple University departments.


Faculty and staff who work in ConnectCarolina will have to learn how to use only one software system instead of many. Having payroll, financials, human resources and student information in one place creates opportunities to improve business processes and to generate quick, convenient and accurate reports. A single integrated system is also more efficient to maintain. ConnectCarolina will be able to grow along with the University.


ConnectCarolina is not an IT project; it is a University project that required hundreds of people across campus from different departments and functions to work together on such efforts as requirements validation, testing and training. That collaboration built relationships and established cooperation. That collaboration will grow going forward as ConnectCarolina continually improves to meet the University’s changing needs.

Data discovery and reporting

The development and implementation of new and more robust data warehouse and reporting tools will enable UNC-Chapel Hill employees to create more comprehensive reports and perform the analytics that will help inform University decisions. With all that data and reporting readily available, Carolina will move to a business intelligence mindset. Infoporte, currently used by many schools, will become the reporting tool everyone will use for ConnectCarolina data.


In time, as new needs arise, ConnectCarolina will meet those requirements with upgrades and improvements. User input will be a key component in how ConnectCarolina changes and improves in the future.


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