WebDotUNC Self-Service WordPress

Service Description

Web.unc.edu is a self-service web-publishing solution. Members of the campus community with an Onyen can create their own websites at no cost. The service runs on the WordPress platform, which provides powerful features and functionality while ensuring it is easy to use. All websites are hosted on enterprise-level hardware and supported by ITS Digital Services.

  • Enables users to create a site in minutes
  • Requires no coding
  • Provides automatic saves and revision history, eliminating lost work
  • Provides a unique UNC domain name: example.web.unc.edu
  • Powered by the popular WordPress content-management system
  • Provides ready-to-use responsive UNC template (Heelium theme)
  • Supports documents specific for the UNC-Chapel Hill community
  • Backed by enterprise hardware and ITS staff

Any faculty, staff or student with an active Onyen.

Service Provisioning

Any faculty, staff or student with an active Onyen can visit web.unc.edu and immediately create a site. Users are able to select their website URL prefix (ex. Sitename.web.unc.edu).

Supported Environment/Services
  • WordPress has two environments: Development and Production. Development is an unstable environment used primarily for testing theme/plugin updates prior to deployment and may be offline or wiped without prior notice.
  • 11 themes available for use. Heelium encouraged.
  • 46 plugins available for activation.
  • Custom plugins and themes are not currently permitted.
No cost to customer.