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Service Description


To submit an online Service Request please visit

  • Select “Request Service”.
  • Select “Communication and Collaboration”.
  • Select “Telephone”.

**Note that you can also type keywords in the search field after selecting “Request Service”. Some keyword examples are telephone, phone, voicemail, or cable TV.**

REPAIR: To submit an incident when something is broken, please visit and select "Something's Broken".
With every VoIP phone line, a personal voicemail is included. Setup of the voicemail box is required, which includes a personal name recording and greeting. Callers will hear the voicemail greeting when a call is not answered, or, if the phone line is in use.

Please specify with the service request if a voicemail box is not needed.

Unified Messaging:

Unified Messaging (UM), or Voicemail to Email, allows a voicemail message to be delivered to a UNC email account as a .wav file. Messages can be listened to over the computer’s speakers (with or without headphones) or on a wireless phone with access to the UNC email account. Voicemail messages can be forwarded, deleted or saved like any other email message.

  • UM subscribers no longer receive a visual message waiting indicator on their phone.
  • UM subscribers will no longer have the ability to listen to voicemail messages on the phone.
  • UM subscribers are able to manage voicemail messages through the email inbox only and not through the telephone user interface.
  • UM subscribers are subject to the public records retention policy that applies to all email messages.

Automated Attendant:

A voicemail automated attendant is sometimes referred to as a phone tree or phone menu. It allows callers to hear options that will redirect their call when the proper selection is made. Example: “press 1 for appointments and press 2 for directions, etc”.

A Service request is required for the following:

  • Cost Estimates
  • Design
  • Recording and implementation
  • Updates or changes to an existing attendant

Faculty and Staff.

Service Provisioning

SERVICE REQUESTS for voicemail are required to be submitted as an online Service Requisition at:

Customers must provide a valid UNC chartfieldstring account in order to submit the service request, as one-time and recurring charges could apply. If you have trouble submitting the request, it is likely due to the fact that you do not have permissions, or purchasing authority, within ConnectCarolina against the chartfieldstring account you are attempting to use. This issue will need to be resolved with your department business officer.

All requests should include a detailed description of the service or services being requested.

Customers are required to have a University Office365 account.

REPAIR: Online Help Request or call 919.962.HELP(4357).

Supported Environment/Services

Customers are required to have a University Office365 account.

Personal Mailbox:
  • This cost is included in the UNC Phone Line Rate.
Unified Messaging:
  • One-time setup fee of $25.00 per mailbox.
Automated Attendant:
  • Service Request is required for a cost estimate.