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Time Information Management (TIM) System

Service Description

The Time Information Management System (TIM) is UNC-Chapel Hill’s official time capturing system. TIM is used to track hours worked and leave taken for SHRA and EHRA employees (requirements for what needs to be tracked varies by employee classification). Employees access TIM through a link in the Self Service section of ConnectCarolina.


SHRA employees and some EHRA employees and designated TIM supervisors and administrators

Service Provisioning

Access to TIM is given automatically, based on the employee’s classification in ConnectCarolina and whether the employee is designated as a TIM administrator or TIM Approver in ConnectCarolina.  Information about employees is updated weekday evenings.

Supported Environment/Services

Users can access TIM through a computer and Web browser. Authorized employees may access TIM through a telephone using TeleTime or by swiping at a badge terminal. TIM approvers and administrators use a computer and Web browser.

TIM is supported by budgetary allocations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no charge to students, faculty and staff, schools or divisions to use TIM through a computer. If your school or division needs to use badge terminals, there is a charge for the terminals.