Telephony (Verizon VoIP)

Service Description

The University's Voice Services is a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (commonly known as VoIP) phone system. Phone lines are provided over the data network, which is the same network that provides your connection to your computer.

-Campus members requesting a new University phone line receive a VoIP phone number, a VoIP phone, a personal voicemail box and free domestic long distance.
-New VoIP phone requests are assigned the Mitel 6867i model.
-VoIP phone models in use include Mitel 6731i, 6755i, 6757i and 6867i.
-Some departments may need a voicemail service that provides a phone tree, or menu, to redirect calls, also known as a voicemail auto attendant. Voicemail auto attendant is an optional voice service. Monthly subscription charges apply.


Faculty and staff

Service Provisioning

Supported Environment/Services

VoIP phone lines must be connected to a data port that is configured to support a VoIP phone (the data port must be assigned a VoIP VLAN). A ticket to ITS Networking at is required to ensure that a data port is configured in the correct VLAN for VoIP phone needs.

Also, in some instances where data ports are sparse, computers and VoIP phones may need to share the same data port. This will require the computer to be connected to the VoIP phone, which is in turn connected to the data port. This is often referred to as "daisy-chaining" the phone and the computer. Daisy-chaining requires the PC port on the back of the phone to be enabled by ITS Comm Tech Voice Services staff.

$14.50/month/VoIP phone line and (approximately).
  • $140.00 one-time installation fee per phone. This is standard for routine VoIP phone requests.
  • For VoIP phone needs that require additional cabling or infrastructure, an estimate will be required from an ITS Engineer. Voicemail Auto Attendant is $5.00/month/menu (it is recommended to consult with a Network Analyst for a cost estimate).
  • Requests to add additional phone line appearances to an existing phone is $45.00 per phone.
  • For voice services needed that vary from the examples here, additional costs may apply.
  • Please consult with a Network Analyst by submitting an online request at for additional customized support and information.