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Software Distribution

Service Description

The Software Distribution Office provides UNC-Chapel Hill and the UNC General Administration with free and discounted software through centrally negotiated agreements. Software Distribution consists of a product website, software-ordering system and desktop-management service. The Software Distribution desktop-management service enables departments to download software packages from a Microsoft SCCM software catalog or a JAMF Casper self-service portal.


Any Student, Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholar, and GA employee is eligible to obtain license(s) for use of software provided by SA for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. License agreement rules vary by software package. For specific rules concerning eligibility to order UNC-Chapel Hill software, please see the below:

Service Provisioning

The current list of available products can be found on the Software Distribution’s available software page.

Supported Environment/Services

Please see for supported software and policies.

The cost for license and media varies.