Remote Network Connectivity

Service Description

UNC departments or organizations that move to remote locations from the University’s main campus will be required to coordinate with ITS Communication Technologies for network connectivity back to campus. Network connectivity options can be expensive and time frames for implementation can be lengthy, requiring a minimum 3 -6 months or longer from the time that a service request is received.

Options for network connectivity are:

  1. Campus Fiber (where available)
  2. High Speed Internet Services:


    • Spectrum Road Runner
    • Spectrum Direct Fiber (DOCIS)
    • AT&T U-Verse

    High-Speed Internet Services are the responsibility of the department to provide.

    A VPN appliance is required (purchased and maintained by Comm Tech Networking) for customers wanting to subscribe to UNC VoIP phones using high-speed internet services. Regardless of the location of the remote site, UNC local phone numbers are required. Phone numbers will change for customers that are moving from on-campus locations.

  3. Metro Ethernet:
    • Sourced and provisioned by outside service providers.
    • Rates and contractual terms are determined by the service provider (rates include an additional UNC overhead cost of 17%).
    • Cost estimates, UNC engineering requirements, and coordination with outside service providers are all provided by Comm Tech once a service request is received.
  4. Microwave technology – available only in specific cases where a location is somewhat near to campus and a “line of sight” is available

REPAIR:Online Help Request or call 919.962.HELP(4357).


Faculty and Staff

Service Provisioning

SERVICE REQUESTS for moves, adds, changes or disconnection of service are required to be submitted as an online Service Requisition at:

Customers must provide a valid UNC chartfieldstring account in order to submit the service request, as one-time and recurring charges could apply. If you have trouble submitting the request, it is likely due to the fact that you do not have permissions, or purchasing authority, within ConnectCarolina against the chartfieldstring account you are attempting to use. This issue will need to be resolved with your department business officer.

REPAIR: Online Help Request

Supported Environment/Services

Customers that are planning to move to a remote location to the UNC campus and require network connectivity back to campus will be required to coordinate with Comm Tech Networking, Engineering and Voice Services.

Cost estimates are provided with the service request. Included with the request should be the location (address), bandwidth requirement, local and technical contacts, and an indication of UNC VoIP phone requirements.