Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Service Description

ITS offers two NAS (Networked-Attached Storage) file-storage services for non-sensitive data: and The services are provided on enterprise-class storage with a mirrored copy in a second data center. The services use a snapshot technology that enables users to perform their own data restorations from up to 30 days of file versioning.    

-NAS is not rated for sensitive data storage. Sensitive data is out of scope for this service.
\\-Provides CIFS (Common Internet File Services) storage for departmental use.
-Departments receive a free base allocation calculated on the full-time equivalent (FTE) count derived from human resources reporting.
-The base allocation is 10GB per FTE and can be increased for a fee.
-Administration of access controls for the storage is delegated to departmental storage administrators via active directory security groups.
\\-Provides CIFS storage for individual use.
-Full-time, permanent faculty and staff are eligible for this service.
-Users can subscribe to this service via the campus Onyen services page (                    

Users/Customers is available to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, students, retirees, contractors, distance learners, visiting scholars and others who require UNC-Chapel Hill resources to work in conjunction with UNC-Chapel Hill as provisioned by departmental administrators. is available to full time faculty and staff only.

Service Provisioning
Supported Environment/Services
  • Native support for Windows and Mac clients.
  • UNIX/Linux hosts require the Samba client.
  • Off campus access requires VPN.
  • 10GB per FTE at no charge
  • Additional storage is available at an annual cost of $1.50 per GB (minimum of 200GB)
  • 10GB per FTE at no charge
  • Additional storage is NOT available for the myfiles service