Network Access Control (NAC)

Service Description

NAC is a service offered to departments that enable network services to assess the posture of an end system before allowing it to have full network access. This assessment can be done via a combination of external scans (authenticated and unauthenticated) and an installed assessment agent.
-Generally, but not always, networking can craft checks that suit the needs of the department.
-Generally, but not always, assessment of devices connecting to the wireless network is not included and considered out of scope.
-Assessment of VPN connections, or connections off of campus, is out of scope.


Students, faculty, and staff.

Service Provisioning

Once a department is configured for NAC, machines requiring assessment may be required to either download an agent through a web portal, or have that agent pushed to them via active directory.  Those methods are up to the discretion of the requesting department IT staff.

Supported Environment/Services

Directly connected machines on the wired network.  For agent based assessment: Most windows and Apple Operating systems.  For external assessment:  All operating systems.

No cost to customers.