Service Description

The ITS Managed Firewall Service provides customers protection, on a per VLAN basis, from internal and external threat actors who attempt to gain unauthorized access to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus network. This service explicitly permits only the traffic requested and approved by the customer to the customer's network. 


This service is intended for use by administrative units of the University with technical and administrative responsibility for their computing environments.

Service Provisioning

Request a firewall meeting, either by submitting a Remedy ticket to the ITS-SECURITY queue or via the Online Help Request site (

If your department is interested in signing up for ITS Firewall services, you can reach us by:

  • ITS Service Desk *
  • ITS Security *

* Please see Technical Contact Information below.

The customer will then meet with ITS Security and ITS Networking staff in order to assess the nature of the customer’s network(s) and set dates and milestones for future actions.

Supported Environment/Services

Hardwired desktops and servers on University-owned networks.

This service is provided at no cost to customers.