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Document Management (ImageNow)

Service Description

The document management system (the name of the current version is “ImageNow”) provides long-term storage and archiving of documents. ImageNow is used to retain images of essential documents that are static (that is, not changing) for a permanent or semi-permanent timeframe. (The retention period is defined by state or federal regulations.)

ImageNow allows users to store, review, and/or retrieve imaged documents related to a transaction or record in ConnectCarolina (PeopleSoft) and UNC-developed web applications, typically based on the user’s application security.  The Document Management team coordinates the design of the solution with business owners to ensure the document management and integration design meets their needs.


UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-General Administration administrative staff.

Service Provisioning

To request a new (or enhanced) document management solution, submit a help request or email the Document Management Manager with request details. The help request gets the solution design process started.

Supported Environment/Services

Access requirements will be documented as part of the solution design process.

ConnectCarolina is supported by budgetary allocations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no charge to students, faculty and staff, schools or divisions to use the applications.