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Desktop Management Service – SCCM

Service Description

The Desktop Management Service (DMS) offers IT Departments an efficient, reliable and secure method for managing University owned Windows computers while minimizing departmental overhead expenses through active directory and software center configuration manager (SCCM). ITS will create departmental sites based on the active directory OU, upload software packages, scripts, and customizations to SCCM and provide technical support to IT Departments.

In addition to these functions ITS will provide the following:

  • ITS will monitor the service for availability and optimal performance.
  • ITS will test packages, scripts and configurations submitted prior to uploading to SCCM.
  • ITS in concert with the Desktop Management Technical Committee will recommend best business practices for using the SCCM service.
  • ITS will communicate upcoming changes, upgrades, and service interruptions to all OU/SCCM admins in a timely manner.
  • ITS will follow best business practices to ensure compliance with UNC-CH IT security standards. See for additional information.

The core components of the SCCM service are:

  • Asset Visibility
    • SCCM collects hardware and software inventory on each enrolled system every 24 hours, hardware and software inventory searches, and inventory reporting.
  • Software Application Delivery
    • Through the use of query based collections, policies and the self-service software center, administrators can deliver applications directly to enrolled systems.
  • Software patch management (Microsoft and common third party applications). Patch Schedule listed below has been approved by the Desktop Technical Committee.
    • Normal Patch Management Release Cycle will follow what is commonly referred to as Microsoft “patch Tuesday” which falls on the second Tuesday of each month.
    • Patches are made available to an identified testing group in SCCM immediately with an installation deadline of the following day (Wednesday) at 5pm. Departmental IT Admins with machines in the testing group should monitor the applied patches and report any inconsistencies or issues to the AD listserv, ITS infraops, and Software Distribution as appropriate.
    • Patches are made available one week from release (the third Tuesday of each month) with an installation deadline of the fourth Tuesday of the month at 2:00am for all university owned machines.

This service is currently restricted to all University owned Windows OS devices.

Service Provisioning

To request provisioning submit a remedy ticket to ITS-HELP (

Supported Environment/Services


There is no cost to the customer for this service.