Customer Billing Management and Bill Presentation

Service Description

The Customer Billing Management (CBM) system is a tool that campus billing areas, like Student Stores and the Carolina Inn, use to charge campus customers. The billing areas submit charges into CBM, which gives campus financial staff a chance to review the charges and correct the charging instructions (the “chartfield strings”) if needed before the charges hit their accounts. Bill Presentation is a companion tool that displays the charges in an invoice format, after the charges have been billed.


For CBM, designated UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-General Administration financial staff; for Bill Presentation, all staff who have any other finance administrative role in ConnectCarolina.

Service Provisioning

Employees are given access to Bill Presentation automatically if they have any other Finance administrative role in ConnectCarolina. School and division financial leadership (called “Major organizational unit leads”) designate which members of their staff should receive access to CBM.

Supported Environment/Services

For a list of campus organizations who bill through CBM, visit Bill Presentation, available in ConnectCarolina to all employees who have any administrative Finance role in ConnectCarolina.

CBM and Bill Presentation are supported by budgetary allocations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no charge to students, faculty and staff, schools or divisions to use the applications.