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Connected Backup

Service Description

The Connected Backup service provides an online backup and recovery solution for all your critical data, no matter where it’s located on your PC or Mac. Connected Backup ensures your backups happen automatically, consistently, and securely.

  • Connected Backup runs in the background, with minimal user intervention and without getting in the way of business.
  • SendOnce technology allows fast backups by only copying user’s unique data and cataloging data files that are already in the Connected Backup SendOnce data pool. Please note that the first backup should be done on UNC’s high speed wired network and takes an average of 2 hours to complete. Initial off-campus backups can take significantly longer due to the upload limits imposed by ISPs. Following backups will only take an average of 2 minutes.
  • Access your backed-up data for recovery or management any time via the Account Management website.
  • Recovery is fast and easy – simply use the software installed on your computer to restore files. Or, log into the Account Management website from any computer and recover individual files in minutes.
  • Your data is encrypted and securely stored in the Connected Backup data vaults located in redundant remote sites. Connected Backup also backs up our vaults to tape, so your data is off-line, protected from viruses and worms.

Additional information on how to access UNC’s Connected Backup service please visit


Any Faculty and Staff is eligible to use the Connected Backup service.

Service Provisioning
Supported Environment/Services
Departmental license per machine per fiscal year: $90.