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ConnectCarolina Human Resources and Payroll

Service Description

ConnectCarolina (available at is the University’s fully integrated administrative system, with applications that support the Finance, Human Resources, and Student Administration functions of UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-General Administration. The Human Resources and Payroll components of ConnectCarolina support these business functions:

  • Position and employee actions such as establishing positions, hiring, job changes, faculty events
  • Approval of employee actions
  • Managing compensation funding
  • Managing affiliates
  • Benefits
  • Payroll services, including options for employees to view their paychecks and access tax forms
  • Learning management, including options for employees to sign up for training offered by the Office of Human Resources

UNC-Chapel Hill students, faculty, staff, retirees, prospective students, parents and University affiliates; UNC-General Administration staff, retirees, and affiliates.

Service Provisioning

Self-service access to ConnectCarolina is granted automatically based on an individual’s role as student, faculty, or staff (or any combination of these). Self-service users need to use Duo 2-Step Verification to access some functionality.

Administrative Access to ConnectCarolina is requested and approved by an individual's manager, entered into the Access Request System by the school or division's Access Request Coordinator, approved by the responsible data steward, and granted by the ConnectCarolina Security team AFTER the individual has completed the:

  • Terms of Use agreement
  • FERPA training for all student and Human resources data
  • HIPAA training for some functions and
  • application-specific training

Details on how to acquire access can be found on the ConnectCarolina user information website:

After a student’s Onyen expires, he or she can use a guest ID to access "Student Center Self Service.” Students’ Onyens expire 180 days after their affiliation with the University ends.

After former employees’ Onyens expire, they can use a guest ID to access their W-2s and paychecks on Employee Self Service. Staff members’ Onyens expire immediately after their affiliation ends, and faculty members’ Onyens expire 60 days after their affiliation ends.

The link for registering for a guest ID is Links for creating and managing guest IDs are also available in ConnectCarolina at

Supported Environment/Services

To access ConnectCarolina’s administrative functions, users need an Internet browser and are required to use EDUROAM wireless access or a wired network connection. Off campus, they need to use VPN to provide a secure connection. Information on accessing ConnectCarolina securely is provided here:

ConnectCarolina is supported by budgetary allocations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There is no charge to students, faculty and staff, schools or divisions to use the applications.