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Campus Cable TV

Service Description

The cable TV service provides entertainment, learning and informative programming to all departments and groups on campus. The cable TV service group seeks to provide the best possible television service to customers and help them use and integrate outside purchased equipment, such as TiVO and other types of DVRs.

-All channels are broadcast in HD.
-The service provides Student Television and Athletics with their own respective channel.
-Apogee is the service provider for the programming and channels generated off campus.


Anyone on campus who wants or needs cable TV service. 

Service Provisioning

Building or department must have campus fiber serving it. Please see Cable TV (CATV) and HDTV FAQs for further information.

To order Cable TV service, you would need to submit a request at the following URL: and click on Request Service then choose Telephone. Note that you will be prompted for a valid chartfieldstring account when submitting this request. Permissions within Connect Carolina to request transactions, or billing changes, against this account will be required. The recurring cost is $12.50/connection. One-time costs are reflective of time and materials required to install the service, with time billing at the standard labor rate of $70.00/hour. Estimates can be provided prior to installation and when requested.

Supported Environment/Services

We provide support to all of our equipment from the handoff from Campus Televideo to the customer’s television without charge to the customer. 

Cable TV service for an existing outlet has a recurring charge of $12.50 per month per outlet:
  • If we need to install an outlet to the location that is desired for the service, we will provide an estimate of a one time installation charge to the customer.
  • Once funding for the recurring fees and/or the installation charge have been established we will install the cabling and activate the service.
  • If it is determined that there is already an outlet in place where needed, we will activate the service and place the customer in billing for that outlet.