Audio Conferencing

Service Description

Instant Meeting Audio Conferencing Service provides a set of dial-in numbers and passcodes. When hosting a meeting, simply distribute the number, or numbers, and the participant passcode to the attendees and inform them of the date and time of the meeting. Do not share the leader passcode.

Conference calls can be managed via touch-tone commands or online.

Customers do not need to schedule or reserve the conference bridge.

Meet-Me Conference numbers can be scheduled with a UNC Campus Operator.

  • Scheduling: Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-4:30PM.
    • UNC Campus Operators follow UNC holiday, inclement weather and other closed schedules. If the University is closed, UNC Operator service is closed.
  • Meet-Me Conference phone lines are not secure.
  • Meet-Me Conference phone lines are available for UNC Campus faculty, staff, and students at no charge.

Usage charges apply.



Faculty and Staff.

Service Provisioning

Please see

Supported Environment/Services

Instant Meeting can be used from any phone.

Usage charges apply per conference phone number as follows: