Audio Conferencing

Service Description

ITS Communication Technologies provides a toll-free audio-conferencing service through Verizon Voice Services. With audio conferencing, a customer receives a secure toll and toll-free conference bridge number, which includes a leader passcode and participant passcode. Conferences can be managed via touch-tone commands or with a Verizon audio-conferencing online tool.

-Customers do not need to schedule or reserve a non-secured conference bridge through campus operators.
-The subscribing department "owns" the toll and toll-free numbers.
-Usage and monthly subscription charges apply.
-The subscribing department is responsible for the full cost of the toll-free conference call.
-The subscribing department pays a smaller fee for the toll conference call, but conference participants who are not using a University VoIP phone are responsible for long-distance charges.
-Subscribing departments are encouraged to advertise both the toll and toll-free numbers.


Faculty and Staff.

Service Provisioning

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Supported Environment/Services

The Verizon Audio Conferencing service can be used from any phone (on campus, home, remote, wireless, etc.).

Usage charges apply per conference phone number as follows: